Tiger bone broth is transmitted as a panacea with yang effects, eliminating boils, and even curing incurable diseases. Tiger products are also being sold widely and illegally in Vietnam.

At the national scientific conference on traditional medicine in 2022, organized by the Ministry of Health, took place at the Institute of Ethnic Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, organized by TRAFFIC (Non-governmental wildlife trade monitoring network). It is known that in Vietnam, many medicinal herbs are exploited and prepared according to Chinese books, or discovered and summarized by physicians themselves.

However, over time, there are many folk remedies "transmitted to the ear" such as rhino horn, tiger bone ... which are considered as panacea with the effect of kidney tonic, yang, antiseptic, eliminating boils, curing diseases. joints, even cure incurable diseases.

6% of 1,120 TRAFFIC survey respondents in Hanoi and HCMC admitted to having used or purchased tiger products, and 64% of them said they would encourage others to use these products. In which, up to 83% of survey respondents admitted to having bought and used tiger bone extract.

The latest report of TRAFFIC shows that, from 2000 to now, Vietnam has arrested 135 cases, confiscated nearly 312 tigers, ranking 5th out of 13 countries that have recorded wild tigers living.

Not only that, tiger parts and products are also for sale on online platforms. According to statistics, 75% of the 675 social media accounts that illegally traded and advertised tiger products between January 2000 and June 2022 were identified as coming from Vietnam. .

For many years, the Government of Vietnam has been trying to find solutions to control the illegal trade and consumption of wild and rare animals, such as increasing penalties, suspending operations from time to time. indefinitely for legal entities. In addition, it also strengthens the consultation from doctors so that people understand the disease before using the drug.

Regarding the pharmacological properties of the product, up to now, there has not been any official scientific research to confirm the effectiveness of tiger bone extract in the treatment of bone and joint diseases, both clinically and experimentally. The TRAFFIC side confirmed that the "miracle" effects of the tiger bone extract are just rumors.

Not only that, experts warn that the habit of consuming wild animals can bring certain consequences, such as creating conditions for many strange viruses to infect humans from wildlife and cause pandemics. with tremendous destructive power.

TRAFFIC appreciates the participation and companionship of competent authorities, individuals and organizations operating in the field of traditional medicine, to change behavior and orient consumers in the use of traditional medicine. safe, sustainable, and legal herbs. From there, it is possible to create positive changes for the future of tigers.